• Q How is the safety of an outdoor portable power supply ensured?

    A Our outdoor portable power supply products have undergone rigorous safety testing and certification and have multiple protection mechanisms, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, etc. At the same time, we recommend users to follow the safety operation guide in the product manual to ensure safe use.
  • Q How about the weight and size of an outdoor portable power supply?

    A The weight and size of an outdoor portable power supply vary depending on the product model and capacity. Generally, power supplies with larger capacities are relatively heavier and larger in size, while power supplies with smaller capacities are more portable. When choosing a power supply, please consider your usage needs and portability.
  • Q How to choose the capacity of an outdoor portable power supply?

    A The capacity of an outdoor portable power supply should be chosen based on your specific needs and usage scenarios. If you need to charge multiple devices or need to use the power supply for a long time, it is recommended to choose a power supply with a larger capacity. Generally, smaller power supply capacities are suitable for short-term charging needs.
  • Q What devices can an outdoor portable power supply charge?

    A An outdoor portable power supply can charge various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, wireless headphones, etc. Most outdoor portable power supplies are equipped with multiple output interfaces to meet the charging needs of different devices.
  • Q How to charge an outdoor portable power supply?

    A Outdoor portable power supplies can be charged in multiple ways, including solar charging, plug charging, and car charging, etc. The specific charging method depends on the product model. Please refer to the product manual or consult customer service to understand the charging methods supported by your specific product.
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